Special Events


Our parish has organised a series of talks concerned with broadening our understanding of social and many other issues we face in our daily lives.

The talks will be on Friday evenings in November with the following themes:

**All of the talks will begin at 7.30 with tea and coffee available from 7.00 pm.
(The start time is in part to allow our speakers to be home at a reasonable time too!)

Friday 6th November
- The unheard good news
By Regina and Andy Keith
Regina and Andy both work in health care provision and have assisted in training and awareness for many for N.G.O's in the developing world. What they have been involved in and have seen is the unheard good news. They will be sharing some of the projects they have helped to initiate and the many great works and developments, which have witnessed over the years.

Friday 13th November NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING - A mind to self-regard, self-respect and respect for others as children of God
By Josephine and Adrian Teloar
Josephine and Adrian are both GPs with a grown up family. If you have children who are heading towards adolescence or are already there, then this talk is for both you as a parent and for those who are in adolescent years. With the sexualisation of children and what is taught in schools, this is an opportunity to hear an alternative perspective, which puts our sexuality into a broader and more integrated context. Hence, a mind to self-regard, self-respect and respect for others as children of God.
For this particular talk, Fr. Ian will introduce the speakers and then leave the room, so that the evening will be a little like 'anonymous Confession', so that questions may be freely asked!

Friday 20th November
- Catholic celebrations for the family home
By Joanna Bogle
Joanna is a Catholic journalist and writer and her book 'Feast and Seasons' covers many forgotten Catholic traditions celebrated across the year in the family home. Her talk will aim to outline how families, and especially with younger children can celebrate the many feast and seasons of the Church's year. So, if you have young children, or are planning to, then this talk is especially for you.

Friday 27th November
COMPUTER GAMING ADDICTION - Its impact upon the adolescent brain and personality
By Alfred Perera
Alfred, one of our parishioners, is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and has work extensively in research into the impact of computer gaming and addictive behaviour. His research has looked at how such addiction has lead to asocial behaviour; that is, the way in which computer gaming has lead to individuals not engaging or being able to engage in normal social behaviour, i.e. how they become withdrawn. His talk will look at the impact upon the adolescent brain and personality. A lesson for all of us in terms of not 'buying our children off' with this form of entertainment. Again, both parents and teenagers are encouraged to come along to this talk.